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In 2013 we lost our only son to testicular cancer at the age of 24. By the time Justin realized their was a real issue going on with his health the cancer caused by a tumor in his left testicle had spread. He was diagnosed with stage IV testicular cancer a month before his 23rd birthday.

What’s even more devastating, is the fact that, testicular cancer, when detected early, is one of the most curable cancers. According to The Testicular Cancer Foundation, the best way for men to be proactive is to do a monthly self-exam of their testicles to check for lumps, hardness or swelling. It’s easy to do in the shower.

If we had only known, Justin would still be here today.

It is now our mission to make sure every living person knows of the importance of testicular self-exams, how to perform the exam and to remove the stigma/taboo when it comes to talking about testicles and self-exams.

Self-exam and spread the word.

Nothing taboo about saving a dude™